"ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" provides a range of services, including the implementation of full cycle facilities. The company solves the problems of designing for a given cost, optimizing the complex cost of the project, forming a general production program for several years.

"ENERGOTRANSPROEKT", as the EPC / EPCM-company implements:

  • Organization and management of design;
  • drafting of the financial and engineering model of the project;

Engineering services to support development or modernization projects:

  • organization and coordination of the current and prospective configuration of development;
  • Development and approval of the Modernization Program with the priority, priority and priority of the objects to be introduced. Determining the needs of the Programs in core competencies;
  • analysis on the market of all available management and contracting models, as well as combinations of interactions among the participants in the implementation of the Program (SWOT analysis, primary responsibility division of the project, contract map);
  • substantiation of the choice of the optimal management and contracting model and the optimal combination of the interaction of the Program implementation participants (a composite matrix of the main management models and combinations with the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of all the models and combinations under consideration). 3 and 4 Stage 1: full coverage of the Program's needs at all stages of the "life" cycle of the Program in the competencies and achievements of kpi;
  • Development of a strategy for implementation and contracting in the framework of the selected optimal model for managing the modernization program (ways to achieve goals);
  • The personnel plan and the schedule of the 1st level of implementation of the Modernization Program;
  • mechanisms and schemes for integrating the organizational structures of the main participants of the Modernization Program (the goal is the effectiveness of communication of competences of different levels of management in all kpi;
  • preparation of proposals on management procedures and decision-making procedures on key modernization issues, such as: approval of investment memoranda for industrial facilities, the decision to move from one major upgrade stage to another, requirements for DSP (to the composition and content of documentation, adoption of key decisions on modernization );
  • preparation of the technical assignment and other necessary materials and documents to ensure that the Customer can conclude an agreement with the general designer of the Project;
  • Development and monitoring of the project implementation schedule with the general designer;
  • preparation of tender packages for the selection of contractors (including - on the basis of EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) / Project Management, procurement) and suppliers;
  • Implementation of the functions of control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the general designer;
  • Development of the project implementation plan;
  • Development of interaction procedure, change management of the Project;
  • development of technical requirements;
  • Expertise of design estimates developed by designers;
  • Carrying out HAZOP, HAZID, ENVID;
  • Control over the manufacture of basic equipment in factories, factory acceptance tests;
  • Examination of procedures and technical documentation of contractors and suppliers, within the framework of the Project;
  • Technical support of the Customer when choosing the main technological and other equipment for the Project;
  • reporting on the progress of the Project implementation to the Customer;
  • Assessment of the temporary risks of the Project;
  • technical consulting and development of recommendations for the Customer;
  • Creation of an electronic catalog of project documentation;
  • Implementation of technical and economic calculations (TER) and justification (feasibility study);
  • Analysis of the current status of the facilities required for the implementation of the Project;
  • Fulfillment of specified calculations of the economic indicators of the Project;
  • carrying out of the analysis of risks of operating objects necessary for the Project implementation;
  • development of recommendations for optimizing operating conditions and operating costs.