Inspection of buildings and structures



  • Superstructure of additional floors or attic
  • Separation of existing space into additional floors
  • Changing the functional purpose
  • Placement of additional equipment on floors and roofing
  • Getting into the zone of influence of new construction or reconstruction
  • Restoration of missing design documentation and legalization of construction
  • Inspection of the object of unfinished (frozen) construction
  • Estimation of the influence of fire, determination of the causes of deformations, cracks and other defects

According to the requirements of GOST 31937-2011, there are two types of examination:

  • A comprehensive survey includes the determination of thermal and acoustic properties of structures, as well as the determination of the technical state of internal engineering systems and equipment, with the exception of technological equipment.
  • Inspection of technical condition - determination of technical condition of building structures and foundation soils with the purpose of revealing changes in soil properties, deformations of structures, defects of bearing structures and determination of their actual bearing capacity in the current technical condition.