Objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) on the territory of the Russian Federation are of unique value not only for the historical and cultural heritage of our country, but also form an integral part of the world cultural heritage.

  • Archaeological survey (exploration) of land plots subject to economic development (in the design and implementation of land management, land, construction and other works), in order to determine the presence / absence of cultural (archaeological) heritage sites, determine the boundaries of their territory and develop measures to ensure their safety .
  • Archaeological research (supervision, observation, excavations). Organization and conduct of complex scientific research, security and rescue works at archaeological heritage sites (archeological monuments) located in the areas of design and implementation of land management, earth, construction, land reclamation or other works. Archaeological support of construction sites.
  • Organization and implementation of monitoring (inventory, accounting) of objects of cultural (archaeological) heritage, assessment of the historical and cultural potential of the territories.
  • Development, as part of project documentation, of the Securing the preservation of cultural (archaeological) heritage sites located in the design and construction, land, construction, reclamation or other works zones.
  • Development of projects for protection zones of cultural (archaeological) heritage sites, land use regimes within their protection zones.
  • Development of passports of objects of cultural (archaeological) heritage.
  • Popularization of archaeological heritage: 3D - visualization, aerial photography.
  • Creation of video content based on the results of work.
  • Preparation of surveys.

All works are conducted in accordance with the Federal Law "On Objects of Cultural Heritage (Monuments of History and Culture) of the Peoples of the Russian Federation".

Средневековое погребение с конем. Россия by Vasily on Sketchfab

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