The group of companies "ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" was founded in 2006.

"ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" originated during the rapid growth of construction and related industries in the country and actively developed, rapidly increasing its knowledge and competence.

The group of companies "ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" continued to move forward, overcoming the difficult for the country and business crisis years, gaining strength and justifying the title of modern, ready for the challenges of the structure.

The constantly changing situation in the market required new technological and strategic solutions, managerial innovations.

"ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" was changing, and there are reasons to believe that the decisions made were largely true.

Since the company's foundation, the company's turnover has been doubling every year, and the number of employees proportionately grows.

Today the staff of our company has more than 1000 professionals, and we value our team, for which there are no impossible tasks.

"ENERGOTRANSPROEKT" conducts projects on the territory of Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Some of them are reflected in the section "Projects".

More than 10 years of the company's work is a continuous development, big and small discoveries, full of events and accomplishments, it's a bit of experience and knowledge in the spheres:

  •  Power engineering
  •  Oil and gas industry
  •  Transport
  •  Social infrastructure